How Maponics defines “Coextensive”

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(Above) The area in light green shows the overlap of the school attendance zone and district boundary.

What is a Coextensive school district?

We define a coextensive school district as a district where the boundaries of the school attendance zone match the boundaries of the district. This means that the district only has one school per education level (i.e. there is only one high school in the given district). Coextensive schools districts are typically districts with smaller enrollment numbers, newly created districts or districts with inadequate funding for more facilities.

School districts do not always start as coextensive; there can be a multitude of scenarios explaining how a coextensive school district was created. Schools could have merged to create a single school for that grade range or all other schools for that grade range could have been closed leading to the remaining school being coextensive.

These coextensive schools are represented in our School Boundaries product by the column “coextensv” in the School District layer’s attribution. If the district is coextensive, the field will be marked “True”, and “False” if it is not coextensive. As a part of or regular maintenance, we update and verify this information on a district-by-district basis