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One of the applications of what Maponics does is in helping users of many different mapping systems and apps get to and from a destination accurately and in the most efficient way.  There are many things that determine that, but accurate calculation is key to creating a baseline measurement of distance and time. Our Tuesday Term then is isochrones, which is a line on a map connecting points of equal elapsed time, in particular, travel time to or from a given location. 

When you’re late for an appointment, getting from point A to point B may seem to take forever. Yet as early as the 19th century people were making maps that would help determine how long it would take to travel somewhere. Of course, back then it wasn’t measured in seconds, but in days and weeks. Francis Galton was the first to make such a map, choosing cities and destinations around the world and calculating travel time from his starting destination of London. This was called the Isochronic Passage Chart.