Announcing Parcel Boundaries to Power the Real Estate Sector

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Last week we introduced Maponics Parcel Boundaries, powered by DMP, which provides the real estate industry the information needed to better understand a property’s physical location. Real estate’s interest in parcel boundaries has a long history, as property boundaries often serve as the most granular legal representation of property information available.

With data representing more than 142 million parcels, the newest Maponics product provides a detailed look at individual properties using a combination of parcel points and parcel boundaries. The parcel points provide property locations with physical address and attributes. The parcel boundaries, which include state and county FIPS and Accessor’s Parcel Number (APN), define the shape of the property by delineating the outline of the parcel. Parcel Boundaries are available at both the state and national level.

We plan to roll out some exciting new developments over the coming months. Working with DMP parcels and other datasets, Maponics is exploring use of parcel boundaries as one of the inputs to create future Maponics boundaries products and content.  Now that Maponics is inventorying and managing this data in-house, we are further advancing our productization processes to deliver to our customers an even more integrated and standardized product suite in 2016.

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