Booj Leverages Maponics Content for Real Estate

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What Makes Booj Original in the Real Estate Space

How did Booj — a Colorado-based company specializing in Web design and complex development, largely in real estate — come up with their name? It stands for “be original or jealous,” and their offerings accurately reflect this motto. Booj founded The Enterprise Network, a partnership among real estate brokerages that operates collaboratively: sharing referrals, keeping one step ahead of the tech curve, and generally solving market problems on a national scale. 


The Enterprise Network signs on just one brokerage per metro region – which is partly where the “be original or jealous” theme plays out. Ido Zucker, CEO of Booj, says, “People say we’re insane because we’re limiting our market. There’s a lot more money that could be made on our end by opening up the network to more people. But that’s not what we’re about. We wanted to make a difference.”

By networking with other brokerages across the nation, mom-and-pop agencies are able to compete with the corporate realty giants that typically dominate. Zucker says, “We are very picky about which companies join the network. Additionally, when independent brokerages get bought out by Sotheby’s, for example, we let them go.” 


More Than Websites

Booj offers a technology ecosystem for their members, including front-end Web development and design, everything in the back end, and integration with apps —all of which communicate seamlessly. They continue to add on modules to their product, and each upgrade goes out to all members for no additional costs.
An example of a Booj platform.  This is Wright Kingdom Real Estate, one of the Enterprise Network's members, in Boulder County, CO.

Geospatial Data Integration
Booj partners with third parties to obtain services or products they don’t intend to develop in-house. For geospatial data, Booj relies on Maponics. 

In their words, Booj has chosen Maponics for two reasons: our neighborhood boundaries and school boundary coverage are among the best in the market, and we provide a raw data solution, which means Booj can manipulate the data to meet their members’ needs.

Booj licenses Maponics® Neighborhood Boundaries, School Boundaries, and ZIP Code Boundaries. They use the boundary data to associate real-life perimeters to MLS listings, which are not always complete. For example, an MLS listing might include a lat/long for a property but lack the ZIP Code. Booj can use Maponics data to associate the lat/long to the ZIP Code, which allows their clients to offer thorough information to users.

They also license several Maponics® Context datasets, including Context Demographics, Real Estate, PRIZM, Walkability, School Rankings, Crime Scores, Commuter Access Scores, and Weather Scores. Booj integrates this community data into the search experience, so that users can see lifestyle, housing, commuting, and weather data about a particular neighborhood, ZIP Code, or school zone. Zucker explains, “On a listing page, users can click on a tab to see which neighborhood, school, or ZIP Code a property belongs to, and then find out content about that area. Users don’t need to go to another site to give them that information - it’s all right there on our member’s site. To us, that enhances the experience.”

Booj uses Maponics® Context Real Estate to break down the housing inventory for Wright Kingdom's market.

Booj integrates Maponics Context Commuter Access Scores and Context Weather Scores to provide useful information for users about a community where they are looking to buy a property.

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries product plays a large role in Booj’s decision to work with Maponics. Says Zucker, “Maponics Neighborhoods product is very unique. Real estate people really know their neighborhoods; they sell in the neighborhoods all the time. They have naming conventions that they prefer. We switched from another data provider to Maponics because your coverage is better – probably the best out there.” 

Maponics is proud to partner with Booj, an innovative company that’s using geospatial data to improve the search experience for homebuyers. Visit Booj to learn more about their effort to “be original or jealous.”