Maponics Powers OpenHouse, a New Way To Search For a Home

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The online real estate search engine OpenHouse gives home buyers a personalized home search experience by integrating data, demographics, and social media into the search experience.

What is a “personalized home search?” It lets you see beyond simple house attributes like number of bedrooms and floor plans — information that doesn’t convey the real-life experience of settling down in a particular home. OpenHouse’s personalized search provides consumers with deep insight into what kind of life they and their family would lead if they chose a particular property.

Online Real Estate Search Gets Personal and Local

In late 2015, Agent Ace, a real estate agent recommendation service, acquired fypio, a lifestyle-driven online real estate search engine. The companies rebranded and relaunched as OpenHouse, “the only company that aggregates and translates real-time real estate transaction and social data to give you true insight on your desired neighborhood – and the neighbors that live there” (“OpenHouse Brings You One Step Closer to Home with Personalized Neighborhood Insights”).

Rather than simply searching for a home that has the right amount of space and fits your budget, home buyers can use OpenHouse to both dive deep into community and lifestyle data and connect them with the right agent.

Data Makes “Personalized” Possible

The premise behind OpenHouse is that it’s easier to find your dream home if you leverage the power of data – specifically key demographics about residents such as incomes, ethnicity, gender, what they do for fun, and what cars they drive.

For instance, a family of five might search for a kid-friendly neighborhood; a twenty something could be looking for an inexpensive community where he can buy a first home and commute to his job in the city; and a woman in her sixties might want a walkable area close to town with an emphasis on low crime levels.

The data that drives OpenHouse’s search engine can supply relevant information for these different home searches. The family of five won’t waste their time visiting a home in a more remote neighborhood populated with young professionals, and the older woman won’t bother touring a home in a community that values good schools and dog parks above walkability.

OpenHouse Relies on Maponics Data

To build a robust, hyperlocal, and highly accurate search platform that delivers community and lifestyle data to home buyers, OpenHouse turned to Maponics. Not unlike other innovative companies in real estate search, OpenHouse turns complex datasets into a simple and aesthetically pleasing search experience for their users — and to do so, they choose Maponics for completeness and richness of data and couple that with precise, address-level geocoding capabilities.

OpenHouse search results for Palo Alto, California

One challenge OpenHouse faced was how to provide information for areas not covered by neighborhood data. Maponics solved this dilemma through our Maponics® Census Boundaries, which can bridge any gaps in coverage.

OpenHouse pairs Maponics® Neighborhood Boundaries, School Attendance Zones, and ZIP Code Boundaries with rich Context data, including Demographics, GreatSchools®, Walkability, and Crime Scores.

Maponics’ accurate polygons provide the necessary coverage areas, and our Context data enables OpenHouse customers to zero in on the right lifestyle for them within those boundaries.

Data also drives a key part of OpenHouse’s promise to consumers to ‘show them everything’ when it comes to real estate and community information. A pivotal and essential product on OpenHouse, the Neighborhood Trends Report, distils complex data into an easy-to-understand infographic, and it’s powered by Maponics.

Handling Data Challenges Head-On

Because OpenHouse’s mission depends on the smooth integration of geospatial data, they need a data provider who understands their goals and collaborates closely to achieve them.

About Maponics’ customer service, John Kvasinic, Chief Product Officer at OpenHouse says, “Anytime we have had data challenges, Maponics has been great at helping us resolve them. They gave us more direction and have been incredible partners to OpenHouse. They take action, and you never feel like you’re dealing with a big company where nothing can get done.”

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