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We strive to ensure that working with Maponcis is easy. To that end, here are answers to frequrenty asked questions.

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What geographic coverage do you offer in your GIS data products?

Coverage varies by product. Neighborhood Boundaries are available for North America, Europe and Rest of World (South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa). School Boundaries, ZIP Code Boundaries and Carrier Route Boundaries are available for United States.

How current is the data in your products?

We generally release updates on a quarterly basis and with each release, update existing data with the most current available.

How do you ensure data quality?

Quality is central to our mission at Maponics. We embed it in every one of our processes, from acquiring and validating source data to running advanced geometric algorithms before we release products. Our GIS experts reach out to local resources so that we can provide geographic data that mirrors the reality on the ground and establish ongoing relationships to keep it current. Whenever possible, we use multiple sources to corroborate data and employ ongoing customer and user feedback to continually make our prod¬ucts better.

In what ways do you offer your products?

Licenses for our GIS data products are available for use in public-facing web sites and for internal GIS databases.

Our Maps and Reports products can be purchased in PDF form through our online store.

Where does Maponics get the data in your products?

Our data is sourced and verified from a variety of locations. We generally use more than one source and make significant use of local resources to obtain and validate data. We also take direct customer feedback into account and update the data within products periodically.

What file formats are available?

The file formats may vary by product but generally include: GIS: ESRI, Shapefile, MapInfo TAB; Database loadable text: WKT, MySQL, PostGIS; and Google Display KML. Most data is also available on a transaction level through our Spatial API.

Do you offer data though an API for web applications?

Yes. See details on our Spatial API site.

Can I purchase online?

For standard and custom maps, visit our online store to purchase directly online and receive your map immediately.

Do you have customer references?

Specific customer references are available upon request. In addition, see customer testimonials and customer use cases under each of our GIS data products.

What are the prices for your products?

For GIS data products, contact us.

Prices for Maps and Reports are shown in the online store.