Custom Maps

Maponics Custom Sales Territory Map Image

Often that requires combining standard geographic information in new ways or adding client information-business locations, etc.-to the mix.

Custom maps can:

  • provide a detailed view of delivery zones by combining ZIP codes, county boundaries, city points, and highways
  • help plan and save money on direct mail by combining customer or prospect locations with detailed street maps that include carrier route boundaries
  • create visual displays of sales territories using county, ZIP Code or other boundaries

Specifying a custom map is a simple, 5-step process that is conducted through the Maponics Online Store. Map areas and features are selected through a simple menu system and easy directions for uploading client data are included.

Map areas include:

  • specified radius around a point
  • geography: state, county, ZIP Code, Census Tract (for selected or nationwide coverage)

Features include:

  • political boundaries - states, county, and city boundaries; city points, census tracts
  • roads - highways, major roads, local streets
  • natural features - national, state, and local parks; rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • other features - golf courses, military bases, Indian Reservations, airports, neighborhood boundaries
  • postal boundaries - ZIP Code, postal carrier route, and 3-digit ZIP Code boundaries
  • demographics - ZIP Codes, postal carrier routes, and census tracts shaded by household income, home value, or other demographic

Custom Maps are delivered in PDF format 5 business days after the order has been submitted.