ZIP Code Maps Overview

5-digit and 3-digit ZIP Code boundaries and related information is updated quarterly and strict data methodologies and quality assurance checks ensure that ZIP Code map data includes all ZIP Codes - boundaries and point ZIP Codes that are particular to a building. ZIP Code areas and highway overlays are multi-colored to make maps easy to read and specific ZIP Codes easy to find.  On their own or used in conjunction with demographic data, ZIP Code maps identify target markets, specify direct mail/marketing areas, define sales territory boundaries, and more.

ZIP Code maps are available for the entire US, by state, by county, or by selected 50-mile radius. They feature:

  • ZIP Code Boundaries
  • State and Country Boundaries
  • Highways
  • Postal Town and City Names

ZIP Code maps also include basic reports and enhanced reports are also available for an additional fee.

  • Basic reports - ZIP Code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, enclosing ZIP Code
  • Enhanced reports - basic report information plus USPS delivery counts, total residential delivery count, multi-family delivery count, single-family delivery count, business delivery count, PO Box count

Available in PDF format, maps are easily downloaded and instantly printed.