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Neighborhood Boundaries

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries TM contains more than 170,000 neighborhoods in 67 countries worldwide. In fact, it is the largest database ever compiled for neighborhood boundary definitions. Our neighborhood boundary data is used by realtors, social networkers, and local search media industries to direct customers to relevant businesses and locations. Request a quote today!

Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries database includes these key features: 

  • Unambiguous, non-overlapping boundaries
  • Sourcing from multiple local data sources
  • Neighborhood zoning type (commercial, industrial, residential) and social use designation (e.g., retirement community, cultural district)
  • Seamless integration with other Maponics datasets including subdivisions, college campuses, shopping, and ZIP Codes

Visit Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries to learn more, or request a free API trial or sample dataset.

Click on images below to see examples of neighborhood boundaries in Miami, Florida, Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France.

Miami Neighborhood BoundariesTokyo Neighborhood Boundaries

Paris Neighborhood Boundaries

Data Samples

If you are interested in receiving a Neighborhood Boundaries data sample, contact us.

Available formats include:

  • ESRI - Shapefile (.shp)
  • MapInfo - TAB (.tab)
  • Google Display - KML (.kml)
  • DB Loadable - WKT (.txt)
  • DB Loadable - MySQL (.sql)
  • DB Loadable - Post GIS (.sql)

Neighborhood API

Maponics offers a Neighborhood API through the Maponics Spatial API web site, which enables web developers to quickly access and integrate a full range of geographic data and attributes within the Neighborhod Boundaries dataset.

Request a Free API Trial.