Our Promise

Maponics 5-Point Customer Success Program™

At Maponics, we understand that the purpose of our products and services is to make your products and services more relevant and valuable to your users.. Because we care about your success, our engagement with you includes the Maponics 5-Point Customer Success Program™, which is designed to ensure that our solutions and services are effectively applied to help you achieve your objectives.

  1. Defined plan for success from the beginning: Together, we chart our roadmap to mutual success by establishing a clear understanding of the scope and nature of our role in your strategy. This includes developing a detailed project schedule, as well as carefully defined goals.
  2. Direct access to industry specialists and the product management team: This is how we assure maximum effectiveness of solutions. We believe our unmatched industry experience and insight can be your most valuable resource, and we want you to leverage it to the fullest extent to optimize the impact of our solution.
  3. On-time product updates to assure data currency: In the fast-evolving digital marketplace, data currency and accuracy translate into opportunity and market share. That’s why we make sure you always have the most precise and frequently updated geographic data available.
  4. Same-day response to customer inquiries and issues: The dynamic 24x7 Internet economy requires rapid, flexible reaction to opportunities and challenges. We respond to your needs with the speed and urgency required to help you meet business needs.
  5. Commitment to 100% customer success through long-term, collaborative relationships: We believe the success of a business relationship is ultimately driven by shared values, common goals, clear communication, and the willingness to perform above and beyond what is expected. This is how we approach our partnership with you.