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With over a decade of experience working with geographic datasets, Maponics is a geospatial data provider businesses can trust to offer foundational products in easy-to-implement formats. Maponics® Census Boundaries is a critical building block for all types of location-based applications.

Use Cases


Real Estate

Maponics® Neighborhood Boundaries product includes Census data fields, enabling customers to identify which city, county, or state a neighborhood falls within. Yet some real estate customers need to know more than just the geographic points: they need to visualize the boundaries and see where Census polygons overlap with other boundaries. Maponics Census Boundaries is a valuable complement to Neighborhood Boundaries, Residential Boundaries, and other datasets that enable property search and display.

Public Policy

Researchers and analysts use Census data to understand the changing distribution and characteristics of our people, places, and economy. Maponics Census Boundaries enables analysts to easily layer boundary data over other datasets, such as Neighborhood Boundaries and School Boundaries, providing an important tool that contributes to successful planning and policymaking efforts.

Product Details

The US Census Bureau provides numerous geographic boundary layers through TIGER that help define the boundaries in and around metro areas.  And of course, Census demographic data is generally available for these geographic units - facilitating analysis and target marketing.

Maponics US Census data includes the following layers:

  • Minor Civil Divisions
  • Census Places
  • Core Based Statistical Areas
  • Counties
  • States
Features & Benefits


Derived from the US Census Bureau and Statistics Canada – Maponics Census Boundaries includes data from the US Census Bureau and Statistics Canada, including demographic data that facilitates deep analysis and target marketing.

Convenient and up-to-date – When businesses license Maponics Census Boundaries, they don't have to download and process data from the US Census and Statistics Canada. Census Boundaries from Maponics makes it easy to apply an additional layer of boundaries to a range of applications - and keep it updated.

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