Maponics Parcel Boundaries powered by DMP


Maponics® Parcel Boundaries powered by DMP is the core for real estate spatial analysis. Parcel data provides the needed insight to better-understand existing location data and provides a strong foundation to tie into display and property information. 

Use Cases


Targeted Real Estate Search and Display

A variety of applications rely on parcel boundary data, from state and municipal governments to real estate search portals. Maponics Parcel Boundaries powered by DMP is easily integrated with our additional boundary datasets, such as neighborhoods and school zones, to provide the total real estate picture.

Parcel Boundaries

Parcel Boundaries provide detailed boundaries of a property parcel. Our boundaries do not overlap or artificially expand to fill in gaps. Boundaries provide the visual details of the property's size, shape and relation to surrounding geographic features. 

Parcel Points

Parcel Points deliver centroid information that provide a clear way to link key parcel information to data needed for detailed analytics. 

Product Summary


  • Coverage:  more than 95% of parcels in U.S. 
  • Data Source:  Digital Map Products
  • Available formats: Shapefile
  • Update Cycle: quarterly
Key features for Parcel Boundaries
  • Data for more than 142 million parcels in the U.S. across nearly 2,600 counties
  • Boundary, Centroid (lat/long), tied to state and county FIPS and APN
  • Geocoding centroids delivered with lat/long coordinates, ZIP+4 and accuracy score

When implemented in conjunction with Maponics® ZIP Codes, neighborhoods, subdivisions and school boundaries, it completes the ideal geostack of boundary geography for property applications. Now you can save time, by getting all of your geospatial data from one source, Maponics.

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