Maponics School Ground Boundaries


Maponics® School Ground Boundaries offers map boundaries of public school locations to provide accurate geofence reference points for use in public safety as well as social and anonymous messaging applications. Dataset includes the school name and address and location centroid as well as boundaries that encompass school buildings, athletic fields and parking areas. Maponics School Ground Boundaries also provides extensive linkage with Maponics School Attendance Zones, Context GreatSchools, NCES IDs and other Maponics content, allowing users to get information about school rankings and performance, demographics and how a school relates to nearby and surrounding neighborhoods.

Use Cases

Real Estate Search and Display
Top realtors know when buying a home, you should think like a future seller. Understanding a home’s or business’ proximity to a school is important even if you don’t have school-age children and never plan to. When young families buy their first or second home, they will pay close attention to school location. Maponics School Ground Boundaries adds an additional layer of usefulness when reviewing buying criteria and making purchasing decisions.

Social/Anonymous Messaging Applications
Anonymous social messaging applications are growing in popularity allowing people to hide their identity, whether for personal or professional reasons. The potential benefits of using social networks and messaging apps like this are many and varied. So too, are the possible downsides. Through Maponics School Ground Boundaries, geofences can be created for exclusion or inclusion to control access to applications within school grounds.

Emergency Response/Crisis Management
When a crisis occurs at a school, emergency responders may need immediate access. Maponics School Ground Boundaries can be used to process information and manage logistics during emergencies. This dataset offers key insight when developing knowledge and support mechanisms for early warning, threat mitigation and response planning. Use of these boundaries also supports the dissemination of information to responders during an emergency event.

Product Details
  • Extensive Linkage with Maponics School Boundaries, Context GreatSchools®, NCES IDs and other Maponics products, allowing users to get information about school rankings and performance, demographics and how a school relates to nearby and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Coverage Area – North America with more than 24,000 high schools targeted in 2015
  • Maintenance – Quarterly updates to refine product offerings
  • Format Availability – Shape, PostGIS, MySQL, WKT, KML • Customer Service – Maponics has a friendly and technically skilled in-office staff of professionals to offer assistance
Features & Benefits

Maponics School Ground Boundaries is fully compatible with all Maponics products, making it easy to add companion datasets that extend the characterization of communities beyond urban neighborhoods.

By bringing together key boundary products like Maponics School Ground Boundaries and flagship products such as Neighborhood Boundaries and School Boundaries, customers are given a unique look into a location, that simply hasn’t been available until now.

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