Maponics Social Place Boundaries


Maponics® Social Places is a comprehensive geofence product consisting of destination and venue boundaries, shopping boundaries, and college campus boundaries. This dataset enables businesses to connect with large groups of people where they congregate to play, travel, and go to school. Maponics Social Places is the first location database to use predefined geofences – delineating the entire destination, including parking lots, and excluding locations that fall outside its borders.

Use Cases

Increased Engagement From Geoadvertising & Mobile Messaging

Push notifications for discounts, coupons, and promotions reach their targets more easily with predefined geofences. Mobile marketing using geofences leads to click-through rates 10x higher than standard email messaging.


Clean Data for Marketing Analysis

To track consumer behavior within a shopping center, stadium, airport, and so on, marketers require “clean data” from consumers who are indisputably within that location and not simply near it, in another business. Maponics Social Places uses predefined geofences that delineate the destination alone – offering accurate, undiluted data for marketing analytics.


Thorough Understanding for Real Estate Valuation & Appraisal

Real estate valuation that incorporates data from Social Places is thorough and detailed, identifying the properties' character more carefully. Homes near shopping centers and colleges might be worth more; homes near stadiums might be worth less.

Product Details
  • Coverage: More than 5,000 geographic boundaries for venues and destinations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe; more than 3,000 geographic boundaries for shopping malls, districts, centers and outlets across 125 metro areas in the United States and Canada; includes the campus footprint for over 2,200 institutions across the United States and Canada
  • Availability: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, Shapefile, KML
  • Update cycle: quarterly


Features & Benefits

Social Places offers virtual boundaries — or predefined geofences — that surround event locations, shopping centers and college campuses. Geofences cover anything officially part of that destination, including parking lots, feeder roads and other areas that are associated with that location. Perhaps even more important, Maponics geofences do not include areas that lie outside of the official bounds of that destination, such as a gas station across the street. This makes our predefined geofences more precise than point and radius boundaries. Predefined geofences offers far greater success in reaching target audiences — mobile marketing and advertising using geofences lead to click-through rates 10x higher than standard email.

Destinations and Venue Boundaries

  • Predefined geofences boundaries are more precise and therefore more valuable than a point with a radius. They include the entire facility as well as any associated parking areas
  • Feature-specific attribute tables are included in these boundaries
  • Licensing available for periods of one to three years

College Campus Boundaries 

  • In addition to the boundary outlining the primary campus areas, College Campus Boundaries include the complete address, telephone number and student enrollment information for each school.

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