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Get the most relevant spatial, demographic and lifestyle data on the market.

Imagine trying to buy a house without knowing the character of the neighborhood. You'd surely want to know more than just the number of bedrooms, square feet and other specs of the house. You want demographics, real estate analytics, school rankings and more to factor into the decision. You might also also want to know how walkable, drivable or bikeable the neighborhood is, what the weather is like, and what kinds of businesses are in the neighborhood.

Maponics Context™ is the first suite of lifestyle and behavioral analytics perfectly synced with real life geographies — neighborhoods, school attendance zones, subdivisions, ZIP Codes and more.

Now, for the first time, this highly relevant local information is available as models and scores projected onto Maponics boundaries. It gives Context to numerous real estate, Social/Local/Mobile/Commerce and direct marketing applications.

Context Paints a Picture of "Local Character"

Maponics polygons + Context = Local Character (or as close to real as it gets)

With the added value of hundreds of Context analytics, you get revolutionary insight into the local character of an area, be it a neighborhood, school attendance zone, subdivision or ZIP Code. You no longer have to cobble together piecemeal data, resulting in unreliable and inconsistent neighborhood statistics, neighborhood demographics or demographics by zip code. We perfectly sync models and scores to our state-of-the-art polygons, so that you get rich, comprehensive analysis of these areas.

Insight that used to require hours of research, resourcing and coding can now be seen quickly and efficiently. By applying rigorous, PhD-level modeling to comprehensive and unique data points, Context offers a current, holistic picture of real-life geographies.

Why Maponics Context?

Connect with your clients by offering higher relevancy, revolutionary local knowledge and a very distinct and differentiated experience from your competitors.

Context's "Local Character" enables:

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