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Context Walkability™

Context Walkability™ is the most comprehensive and customizable walk rating solution on the market. 

Key features of Walkability Include 

School Rankings
• Current Statewide School Performance Ranking
• 3 Year Historical Statewide School Performance Ranking
• Math & Reading Test Scores
• Detailed School Profile
• Add-on Module to School Attendance ZonesCrime Score
  • Includes 3 Walkability Scores: 
    • Overall
    • Amenity
    • Leisure
  • Includes many factors not found anywhere else including (click here to compare to Walk Score):
    • Street type
    • Speed limits
    • Intersection complexity
    • POI accessibility
    • Transportation network
    • Population density
    • Crime (Available as separate score)
    • Weather (Available as separate score)
    • Public Transit (Available as separate score in Transportation)
    • Freeways & bodies of water
  • Answers these sort of questions: Are there places to walk to? Where are they? How do I get there? Can I get there? What are the roads like? What is the elevation like?