Maponics School Attendance Zone Boundaries


Maponics® School Boundaries is a comprehensive dataset that includes school districts, school attendance zones (SAZ), and public as well as private school locations. Since 2010, Maponics has been the leading provider of school data — offering the market's first commercial GIS dataset to include school attendance zone boundaries in addition to school districts and school points. SAZ coverage has increased to over 88% of the U.S. student population with continuous updates to provide the most accurate and current representation of a school attendance zone. The dataset also covers 100% of U.S. student enrollment at the school district level, as well as all of the country’s public and private school locations.

Use Cases

Where Will My Kids Go to School?

Maponics School Boundaries shows home buyers on Zillow, Redfin, and many others which school attendance zone aligns with a particular property. This helps home buyers narrow down their search and find the home and school that’s right for their family. This also allows real estate portals to better understand their customers’ needs and further target their searches and product offers.


Accurate Valuation and Appraisal

School performance affects property values, which is why it’s important to know which school attendance zone is associated with a property to estimate value correctly. Developers, mortgage originators, and other real estate industry professionals need accurate, current school boundaries when estimating the value of a home or apartment building or driving new housing developments.

Product Details
  • Coverage:  Maponics school attendance zones include 88% of US student enrollment covering over 12,000 School Districts
  • Data sources: School attendance zones are individually compiled utilizing GIS data,  textual descriptions, address lists, and printed maps obtained directly from individual school districts; the National Center for Education Statistics,  the US Census Bureau, and state departments of education
  • Update cycle: Continuous updates, released quarterly.
  • School Attendance Zone boundaries are obtained directly from local School Districts and are maintained annually.
  • GreatSchools® IDs: Link Maponics data to GreatSchools® data at the school district and individual school levels.
  • Maponics Schools captures and maintains  all  - nearly 13,500 -  school district boundaries.
  • Very current  inventory of public and private school locations presenting location coordinates on the rooftop of the schools.
  • Available formats: Available in numerous GIS and spatial formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, SHAPE, TAB, KML
Features & Benefits


Comprehensive data and coverage - Maponics School Boundaries includes school attendance zones (SAZs), school districts, and school locations for public and private school, and contains public school enrollment data. Maponics School Boundaries now contain public school enrollments based on the 2012-2013 school year information provided by the NCES.

Continuous, rolling updates - Maponics leverages their relationships with over 13,000 school districts and incorporates customer and end user feedback to ensure an up-to-date product. In many cases, Maponics captures district and school changes before they are reported by the NCES.


Linked with GreatSchools® – Customers can license GreatSchools® ratings and reviews with Maponics School Boundaries for a complete school solution.


Compatible and Accurate Layers – Maponics strives to provide the most accurate representation of the many layers of information within the Schools product. Some of these efforts include: identifying accurate roof top school point locations, verifying that attendance zone and district boundaries match, linking all layers effectively, and matching the correct address to the proper attendance area.

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