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GIS Map Data

Data drives business and Maponics location-based data is used by companies to:

  • offer better and more relevant web and mobile search results
  • add features and unique capabilities to their mapping applications
  • visualize business opportunities and make more informed decisions

Whether it’s for the Web, a mobile app or internal use, Maponics offers unique GIS datasets that define social spaces where people live, work and play. Companies from numerous industries rely on our premium-quality data to power:

  • real estate portal searches on sites/apps such as, and 
  • search capabilities on top search engines and directory sites, such as DEXMedia, CitySearch, YellowBook USA
  • target marketing services at companies like InfoUSA and Melissa Data
  • location tagging and search in social media applications, including Twitter, Loopt and Location Labs

Visit our Industry Solutions pages for more about how Real Estate, Search/Local Search, Direct Marketing, Social Networking and companies in other industries leverage our data.

GIS Mapping Data products include:


Maponics Context is the first suite of lifestyle and behavioral analytics perfectly synced with real life geographies — neighborhoods, school attendance zones, subdivisions, ZIP Codes and more. Now, for the first time, this highly relevant local information is available as models and scores projected onto Maponics boundaries. It gives Context to numerous real estate, Social/Local/Mobile/Commerce and direct marketing applications.

Neighborhood Boundaries

When people think about areas within urban centers, they think in terms of neighborhoods.  Maponics has created the largest database of neighborhood boundaries in existence–and we continue to expand coverage across the globe.  Outlining neighborhoods in 67 countries in the US, Canada, Europe and top metro areas in South America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries™ add social and cultural context to real estate search, search engines, and social media sites.

Social Places Boundaries

Maponics Social Places™ dataset includes geofences for locations where people live, work, play and travel, including Destination & Venue Boundaries, Shopping Boundaries and College Campus Boundaries. It is the only geofence product that targets large groups of people through coverage of the most meaningful locations – and does so in one easy-to-use package.

Subdivision Boundaries

In the realm of residential real estate, subdivisions represent the most granular geographic unit and are a Subdivision Boundarieslogical way to group, analyze and view housing data.    High-quality subdivision boundaries support a host of real estate services aimed at both consumers and real estate professionals that improve search and display, interactive mapping, trend/ analytics reporting, and automated valuation models.

Subdivision Boundaries is a unique dataset that currently includes names, locations and boundaries for more than 508,000 real estate subdivisions across 692 counties in 46 states. Contact us for details on coverage.

School Boundaries

Schools have a profound influence on people’s lives and guide important choices like home and business location.  Maponics School Boundaries™ allow companies to display property listings, businesses, and points of interest in relation to schools, school districts, and school attendance zones.  This is the only GIS data product that includes broad coverage of school attendance zones.

ZIP Code Boundaries

Billions of dollars are spent each year based on business decisions made at the ZIP Code level. Maponics ZIP Code Boundaries™ and related data is considered the most accurate available and in fact, the United States Postal Service refers its business customers to Maponics for ZIP Code maps and data.  Companies across the country rely on ZIP Code Boundaries for their search/local search and direct marketing applications.

ZIP+4 Database

With full nine-digit ZIP Codes, companies can narrow results for direct mail and marketing efforts.  And the Maponics ZIP+4 Database ™, includes the geographic center-point (centroids) and can therefore be used for spatial analysis, including proximity calculations.

Carrier Route Boundaries

Significant direct mail savings are realized when Carrier Route Boundaries provide refined target marketing and are applied to mail piece sorts. As a pioneer in carrier route mapping, Maponics remains the most accurate source of carrier route boundaries.

Canadian Postal Boundaries

Companies looking to offer local search, geoadvertising, direct marketing or sales territory mapping for Canada, will find our Canadian postal databases invaluable. FSA boundaries and FSALDU level Canadian Postal Codes database are both updated quarterly for top accuracy. They also include mappable data points, making them ideal for geographic analysis and map display.

Parcel Boundaries

Parcel boundaries are a must for any property-related business. Maponics is pleased to offer Parcel Boundaries from Digital Map Products as part of our complete set of boundary data for real estate and other property-related industries.

Census Boundaries

With more than 10 years of experience working with geographic datasets, Maponics offers the most current GIS data from the Census in a documented and easy to use form.

Custom GIS Data Mapping and Services

In addition to creating industry-leading GIS data products, we've worked with hundreds of companies to create custom GIS datasets and maps to help them analyze their services, make business/operational decisions and target new customers.  Contact us about how we can help your organization.