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Canadian FSA Boundaries

Canadian FSA Boundaries Ontario

Accurate Canadian postal data is a must for anyone serious about doing business in Canada.  Are you looking to offer local search results, target direct mailings or create sales territories for Canada? If so, we can help.

We offer both Canadian:

Postal data creation is our specialty at Maponics - in fact the US Postal Service refers to us for maps and data. Google,, Pitney Bowes/MapInfo, JiWire and others all use our postal data too. Because Maponics offers a wide-range of local map boundary products across North American, many of our customers come to us for multiple data layers.

Canadian FSA Boundaries 

Canadian FSA boundaries are very similar to US ZIP Code boundaries in terms of geographic coverage. And they are equally central to how Canadians think about where they live, play and do business.

With Canadian FSA Boundaries, you can:

  • Offer web-based search & mapped search results by FSA
  • Determine a mobile user's postal code
  • Show FSA boundaries on web-based maps or using mapping software (GIS) to create Canadian sales territories

These FSA Boundaries will let you:

  • Local Search and Real Estate - Offer search results relevant to the local FSA level for Canada-based queries - and watch action rates and site-stickiness jump.
  • Mobile Marketing/GeoAdvertising - Know more about your users than just their lat-lon - tag users and offers by postal area - so you can target the right offer.
  • Direct Marketing - Expand your customer base by enabling marketing campaigns targeted by Canada Post FSAs. 
  • Business Management - Increase revenue, while reducing the time spent managing your Canadian territories - by creating easy to implement territories and maps.

What sets Canadian FSA Boundaries from Maponics apart?

  • It includes the most accurate and comprehensive FSA boundaries available - covering all 1600+ Canadian FSAs across all provinces and territories.
  • This Canada postal code database is compatible with all other Maponics boundary datasets- such as our Canadian neighborhoods, colleges, shopping, and census boundaries.
  • You can get delivery in Web and GIS friendly formats - a Canadian FSA Shapefile, PostGIS, MySQL or KML file. 
  • This dataset is updated quarterly.
  • As a standalone Canadian postal boundaries database - it is not part of a larger software product. This means no back-end nightmare.
  • When paired with our other Canadian boundary databases or our US ZIP Code Boundaries - you get seamless and scalable boundary geography as users drill down to the local level.
  • Mappable boundary data is our passion.  We will work with you to make sure you have what you need for your project to succeed.

Ready to request sample Canadian postal code list data? Not sure if Canadian Postal Codes or FSA Boundaries would work best for you? Interested in multiple Canadian GIS data layers?

We can help. Contact us today!