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Canadian Postal Codes Database

Accurate, map-ready postal map data is at the core of what we do at Maponics. Since 2003, the US Postal Service has referred business to us for postal maps and data.  Google, Pitney Bowes/MapInfo, JiWire and others rely on us for postal data too. In fact, many companies source their whole suite of local map data from us. We offer a wide selection of databases for both the US and Canada.

Do you need very detailed postal data for Canada? Our Canadian Postal Codes database gets down to the FSALDU level - which is roughly equivalent to a US ZIP+4 Code database. Looking for less granular Canadian Postal data? Check out our Canadian FSA Boundaries, which are approximately the same as US ZIP Code boundaries.

With the Canadian Postal Code database, you can:

  • Attach a mappable point to addresses that include an FSALDU (also known as geocoding)
  • Display FSALDU points or geocoded addresses on web-based maps or using mapping software (GIS)

This Canada Postal Codes database will let you:

  • Local Search - Dramatically improve user's engagement level by offering hyper-local search results by current location, or geographic search intent.
  • Mobile Marketing/GeoAdvertising - Up mobile advertising response rates and reduce opt-outs by targeting on-the-go Canadians down to the block level with location-specific offers.

What sets the Canadian Postal Codes database from Maponics apart?

  • This is not your average "Canada ZIP Codes list". It features mappable points - enabling geocoding, and web or GIS Canadian postal code list mapping.
  • This Canadian postal code list database is updated quarterly, so that your results are always accurate.
  • This FSALDU data is available in Shapefile, PostGIS, and MySQL file formats.
  • Creating accurate postal data is our specialty. In fact, the US Postal Service sends its business customers to us for postal maps and data.

Ready to request sample Canadian postal code list data? If not, get a quote or ask a question about our Canadian Postal Codes Database or FSA Boundaries. We'll get right back to you.