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California ZIP Code Map

The United States Postal Service, which is the foremost authority on ZIP Code data, refers its business customers to Maponics for postal maps and data.

Maponics offers ZIP Code maps for any state(s), county(ies) or specified radius in the US. Maps can include demographics and custom ZIP code maps often combine customer and Maponics data.

For extra detail and easy reading, this California ZIP Code map includes insets for cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

California ZIP Code Map

California ZIP Code Maps are offered in digital PDF format (viewable with Adobe Reader). For a printed map, simply send your PDF file (ready for download immediately upon ordering) to your local FedEx Kinkos or another print shop. This saves on shipping charges and eliminates any mailing delay.

Compare Maponics ZIP Code maps to those from any other provider and you'll see the difference.

If you need portions of states or are looking for customized map, contact us.

Additionally, Maponics offers unique advantages:

  • ZIP Code data is updated quarterly to ensure inclusion of USPS changes
  • Clean, beautiful map colors and styles
  • Fast, unlimited access to expert Customer Service team
  • CA and other state-wide ZIP Code Maps are provided via instant download
  • Custom ZIP Code maps are delivered within 5 business days of order
  • Corresponding USPS delivery count reports and demographics are available
  • All purchases from the Maponics Online Store are 100% refundable--satisfaction guaranteed


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The USPS refers its business customers to Maponics for postal maps and data.  Learn More.