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Neighborhood Boundaries

See how neighborhood boundaries are being used by Maponics customers in the following industries:
Real Estate, Search/Local Search, Direct Marketing, Social Networking and Traditional GIS and Internal Use.

Real Estate  

Prospective home and business buyers often choose a neighborhood before they choose a property. Showing properties by neighborhoods gets prospects in front of the real estate they want fast.

Many of the top names in residential real estate, including Trulia ®, Redfin ®, ®, Roost ®, Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions ® and ®, are improving their sales processes with neighborhood boundaries.  Here are some specifc customer use cases that illustrate just how Maponics neighborhood data can improve products and services. 

Century 21 Canada Logo Century 21 Canada is a major destination for consumers looking for the best homes across country and they use Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries to provide local context and enhance their search and display options.  Prospective home owners can search by specific neighborhood and view a visual map of available properties.  Site visitors also have the option to browse specific cities and their associated neighborhoods.

Century 21 Canada Neighborhood Search


 "The biggest challenge in creating our search platform was to accurately place almost 1 million properties within their respective cities, neighborhoods and ZIP Codes. Maponics provided us with the necessary data to accomplish this. Utilizing their nationwide shapefiles, we were able to greatly improve our search and mapping functionality. Our lead conversions tripled, thus generating a very positive ROI." Logo

- Matt Pluznick, VP of Strategic Marketing for, the largest online marketplace for condo and apartment purchasing and rental, clearly understands the importance of enabling search by neighborhood and ZIP Code for their Web site visitors. Maponics Neighborhood and ZIP Code data enables users on to not only search by these areas but also to drill down within search results and to view discrete boundaries. Maponics Neighborhood Search


Trulia logo "Feedback and research has shown that offering the ability to search and compare properties by neighborhood is absolutely key to our customer base. After extensively testing various sources, Maponics provided the best data and solutions to fit our needs."

-Emmanuel Faure, VP of Product & User Experience

Trulia's Real Estate search engine helps home buyers find their dream homes by arming them with data and information about local real estate including neighborhood data from Maponics. Heat maps allow Trulia's 5.5 million unique monthly users to better understand and interpret real estate information such as comparing prices and popularity by state, county, city or with the granularity of a neighborhood.

trulia neighborhood data search


Redfin, the Real Estate industry's first online brokerage for buying and selling homes has completed more than $2 billion in home sales by providing its customers with better data so they can make better choices.  Redfin integrates Maponics Neighborhood data and ZIP Code data to set the standard for empowering its online customers to do smarter searches in the geographies they want and find the property of their dreams.

redfin use of neighborhood data


ZipRealty logo"Our clients have told us that searching and comparing properties by neighborhood is essential to purchasing a home. After researching various providers, Maponics showed that they provided the best data and solutions to fit our needs."

-Myron Lo, VP of Innovation at ZipRealty

ZipRealty relies on Maponics Neighborhood data to increase the relevance of "˜location' for homebuyers using their real estate web site by improving its property search and map display.  ZipRealty stays ahead of the curve by recognizing the importance of mapping in online Real Estate.

ZipRealty neighborhood information search



Search/Local Search 

Traditional search engines and niche media companies are going local-pointing people to the nearest goods and services. Neighborhoods provide a natural way for search visitors to refer to a place or an area of geography. Citysearch ®, DexKnows ®, Yellowbook ®, Loopt ®, Whrrl ®, HelloMetro ® and many others use Maponics Neighborhood boundaries and data to refine and add value to local search. 

dexknows logo"We chose Maponics for our local search because they offer the best neighborhood search solution on the market."

-Sean Greene,Senior Vice President of Interactive at R.H. Donnelley delivers a unique, local search experience letting users search by precise locations, such as Neighborhoods by Maponics.  Connecting with more customers in more ways makes a leading search engine for small to medium sized businesses and Maponics data brings context to those searches.

dexknows neighborhood data search



TripAdvisor® is the world's largest travel site and serves up information, reviews and advice for people planning trips.  The Product team at TripAdvisor is always looking for ways to improve the user experience on their website.  Because most site visitors begin by doing a search, it is critical that the search function "understand" geographic context in the same way site visitors express it in their search text.  Knowing that people think and search by neighborhood, TripAdvisor wanted to tag hotels and other points of interest with the name of the neighborhood it resides in to improve the value and relevance of search results.

"Using Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries provides our website visitors the ability to search by neighborhood and they provide updates to our database on a regular basis to ensure that as many properties as possible are tagged at the neighborhood level."

- Adam Medros, VP of Product at TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Neighborhood Search


yellowbook logo As the largest independent publisher of yellow pages, Yellowbook, strives to provide people with the most complete source of local buying information in print and online. Yellowbook's online directory utilizes Maponics Neighborhood data to allow users to narrow their searches to areas that are meaningful to them-like restaurants in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado.

yellowbook neighborhood information search


Direct Marketing 


Neighborhoods are defined by demographics and describe an audience. That makes them extremely useful when deciding how and where to target a marketing campaign. Overlaying ZIP Codes or postal carrier routes further refines the target market. infoUSA ®, R.H. Donnelley Corporation ®, Cramer-Krasselt ® and many others use neighborhood data to improve target marketing results.

infousa logo "We looked at other providers, but Maponics' quality was by far the highest."

-John Copenhaver,Sr. Vice President - Subscription Group

InfoUSA offers innovative direct marketing solutions to their customers for marketing campaigns including quality business and consumer data searchable by meaningful criteria like Neighborhoods from Maponics so customers target only the data they need.  Providing customers with more of the search options they need helps InfoUSA to stand head and shoulders above their competition and invigorate data sales.

infousa neighborhood data search


Social Networking 

Twitter logo As a hub for discovering what's happening right now, anywhere in the world, Twitter, offers the option of location sharing to its users. Twitter uses Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries™ data to provide location information for tweets. Opting in for location sharing adds a layer of context to tweets and makes them more useful by displaying meaningful places like a town - or a neighborhood.

Twiter location

Twiter neighborhood information

Traditional GIS and Internal Use 

Many businesses have on-going distribution, navigation, market analysis or other requirements that benefit from neighborhood boundaries. NavTeq ®, Cramer-Krasselt ®, Houston Chronicle ® and many others license the Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries database to create their own maps and perform geographic data analyses.