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Neighborhood Boundaries

Neighborhood Boundaries display data in the most widely identified geography.

Key features of the neighborhood database include:

  • created using multiple local data sources per neighborhood including realtors, tourism agencies, municipality information, and ongoing customer feedback
  • unambiguous, non-overlapping boundaries
  • Maponics exclusive neighborhood classification schema with zoning and social use data, latitude and longitude coordinates for every point defining the boundary
  • easy to integrate with other datasets including ZIP Code Boundaries and GIS databases
  • available through our Spatial API and in numerous GIS formats (see samples on the right side of this page)
  • allows for varying degrees of search precision via hierarchy (macro neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods) in the Maponics Neighborhood Classification Schema™
  • Worldwide dataset is a single file with a common data structure across all international regions
  • neighborhood zoning type (commercial, industrial, residential) and social use designation (e.g. retirement community, cultural district)
  • licensed for 1 to 3-year periods
  • updated quarterly to add and refine coverage

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