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Neighborhood Boundaries

Maponics Neighborhood API

Maponics offers a Neighborhood API through the Maponics Spatial API web site, which enables web developers to quickly access and integrate a full range of geographic data and attributes within the global Neighborhood Boundaries dataset.  Add important local and cultural relevance to your web site or mobile application"”whether you need a simple database lookup of neighborhood names or want a more meaningful way to organize and present map data within geofences defined by local communities"”this dataset offers access more than 170,000 neighborhoods in 67 countries with fields such as names, alternate names, centroids, polygons, metro, and country.  

Web site visitors respond and return to sites that offer information and services presented in ways that reflect the area in which they live and work.  Adding some basic web services calls to the Neighborhood API allows you to present neighborhoods in relation to a news story, point of interest or social networking post.

Neighborhood API Methods

The Maponics API server offers a variety of method types to access the neighborhood API, including those that return:

  • ID of a single spatial object
  • List of IDs for multiple spatial objects
  • Attributes of a spatial object
  • geographic coordinates of a spatial object

For a full and detailed list of public methods, click here.

How to Sign Up

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