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Neighborhood Boundaries

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The most intuitive way to refer to a place is often by neighborhood name: SoHo, Haight-Ashbury, Piccadilly, Red Square. When people shop for a new home or try to find a restaurant, neighborhood data provides the most intuitive navigation. When marketers search for a specific demographic, neighborhoods take them to the right place.

Maponics invests time and geographic talent to create and update hand-drawn neighborhood boundaries for over 198,000 neighborhoods in 81 countries around the world. In fact, it is the largest database ever compiled for neighborhood boundary definitions - and now it's even better. Each neighborhood is built using data from multiple local sources to match reality on the ground.

Why Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries?

With Maponics products, you get:

  • The largest, most accurate neighborhood boundary database available
  • A uniform data structure for consistency across all Neighborhood products worldwide
  • Four neighborhood layers that make it easy to filter neighborhoods based on type and application
  • Continuing buildout of neighborhoods that matter
  • A partner with a clear mission to provide high-quality map boundary databases
  • The confidence you are working with the market leader
  • Data that is considered the industry standard by web and mobile organizations across the globe
  • The most current and accurate data with quarterly releases that also broaden and deepen geographic coverage

Contact us today to learn how you can put these advantages to work for your business.

Product Offerings

  • Neighborhood Boundaries 2.0 - the 2.0 Data Structure includes boundaries, centroids, names and other attributes
  • Neighborhood Centroids 2.0 - includes neighborhood center points
  • Neighborhood Names 2.0 - includes list of neighborhood names
  • Neighborhood To ZIP Code Correlation File

Products available in various database file formats and through our Neighborhood API.

Geographic Coverage

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Rest of World (South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa)

Regional products also sold separately.

More Information

Check out this page for more information about our neighborhood data.

Give It Context®

Add value to Neighborhood Boundaries with Context, our new geospatial analytics product. It's the first suite of lifestyle and behavioral analytics perfectly synced with real-life geographiesneighborhoods,  school attendance zones, ZIP Codes, and more.