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Neighborhood Data

One of the keys to producing neighborhood data, or a view of data by neighborhood, is knowing exactly where neighborhoods begin and end. There are many neighborhood surrogates used by marketers, academics, search engines and others to approximate "neighborhood areas" but there is no substitute for the comprehensive GIS data within Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries TM .

This neighborhood data includes not only the geographic boundaries of each neighborhood but also-information about each neighborhood, expressed using the Maponics Neighborhood Classification Schema (NCS).

Maponics Neighborhood Data Classification Schema

What Neighborhood Data is contained in the NCS?  

Each neighborhood record within Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries is tagged with an 8 digit code that represents important neighborhood data about:

  • Hierarchy: Is the neighborhood a macro-neighborhood (e.g., Downtown Manhattan), a neighborhood (e.g., the East Village, which falls within the Downtown Manhattan macro-neighborhood), or a micro -neighborhood (e.g., Alphabet City, which falls within the East Village neighborhood)?
  • Dominant Features: Does the neighborhood contain subdivisions/planned communities, airports, rail yards, military bases, mobile home/trailer parks, hospital complexes, shopping malls, education facilities or other distinct features?

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Neighborhood Data

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