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School Attendance Boundaries

School attendance boundaries are the discreet "lines" drawn around public schools to define which households attend them. Within any given school district, there may be many schools for the same level of education (e.g. elementary schools) and it is school attendance boundaries that define the households associated with each school. School officials determine school attendance boundaries and periodically adjust them to account for demographic shifts and other local community factors.

When considering purchasing a home or renting an apartment, it is the association of the residence that will drive your public school options. And even if you don't have school-aged children, house valuation is strongly influenced by school options and it is the school attendance boundaries that determine which public schools children from a given household attend.  

Where to find School Attendance Boundaries

Maponics School Boundaries TM GIS data contains school district boundaries and school attendance boundaries sourced directly from local school officials-so you know that you can rely on the school attendance boundaries to display properties or other points of interest in relation to current public schools.