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School Boundaries

What are school attendance zones?

School attendance zones, which may also be called catchment areas, define a boundary for which households attend which public school.

What are school attendance boundaries?

School attendance boundaries are the same as school attendance zones.

How was the School Boundaries database created?

Maponics engineers and geographers use a meticulous process to ensure high quality and accuracy in all database products. Their sourcing includes 10,000 school districts (and growing) and collaboration with local organizations to help define and verify school attendance zone boundaries.

Are school district boundaries available from the US Census Bureau?

The US Census Bureau only collects and publishes school district boundaries; they do not collect the more granular school attendance zone boundaries contained within the Maponics School Boundaries product. And although the US Census does include school district boundaries, Maponics verifies and, in the majority of cases, corrects these as part of our local sourcing efforts. Also, US Census data does not contain school locations.

Are school locations and profiles available from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)?

The NCES does collect and publish school data and, in fact, we incorporate the NCES ID and some school profile information into our School Boundaries product. Further, for locally sourced coverage areas, we improve on the NCES latitude and longitude points by doing rooftop-level verification and correction for each school location.

What is the difference between the locally sourced data and national-level data in the product?

The locally sourced data comes directly from school resources and districts; it is obtained by our Data Acquisition department through web sites, emails and phone calls. Because we have established relationships with school districts, when data is updated, we can incorporate it quickly. These relationships are a critical part of our product’s value.

What school levels are included in the product?

The product contains K-12, primary, middle and high schools along with mixed-grade schools.

What types of schools are included in the product?

Public schools, including charter, magnet and alternative publicly financed schools, as well as private and religious schools. Maponics School Boundaries cover 100% of the country’s public and private school locations.

Are there differences in the data provided for the various school types?

Yes - only school location and profile are included for private schools because they do not have school attendance zones or school districts associated with them.

What school attributes are included in the product?

GreatSchools ID, NCES ID, school type, enrollment, teachers, teacher/student ratios, etc.

Which school districts and school attendance zones are available?

Maponics School Boundaries cover 100% of the US student population at the district level. At the school attendance zone level, Maponics School Boundaries cover 82% of the US student population and 85% of the US high school population.