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School District Boundaries

The foundation of the U.S. public school system is built around school districts and therefore, school district boundaries are a key delimiter in determining funding, analyzing demographics, assessing taxes, and establishing resident households. And school district boundaries are far from static-as areas of the country experience demographic shifts, sometimes dramatic, school district boundaries are continually adjusted. There are many industries and organizations that can benefit from overlaying school district boundaries on maps-everything from federal, state and local governments doing planning and budgeting to direct marketing firms looking to offer consumer lists based on households within target school districts.

Where to find School District Boundaries    

The Congress requires the Census Bureau to create special tabulations of decennial census by school district boundaries to support calculations for such allocations as Title I funding. Every two years, the Census conducts a review of school districts and collects paper and sometimes digital map data from designated state school district mapping coordinators. The TIGER school districts were last updated with the release of TIGER 2008 and contain boundaries submitted during the 2007-2008 School District Review Program (SDRP). As a result, the TIGER school district data may now be as much as three years old and the next file will not be available until November 2010, long after the 2010-11 school year begins.

Maponics School Boundaries TM is created by sourcing school district boundaries and school attendance boundaries directly from contacts at the local, rather than the state, school district level. Often Census-designated state coordinators submit generalized maps that are sufficient to meet legal requirements but do not fully reflect correct school boundaries. For instance, it is not unusual when viewing TIGER school district boundaries on maps to see that they pass directly through homes. This is of little consequence for statistical funding questions but poses a real problem for real estate and other web sites attempting to display properties in relation to school boundaries.

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School Boundaries

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