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School District Maps

When it comes to describing a geographical area, maps are your best option. So, when local and regional school officials are looking to visualize schools and related information, such as test scores and demographics, they often use school district maps.

A school district map that clearly displays school district boundaries along with schools, roads, waterways, county boundaries, neighborhoods, and points of interest is invaluable for everything from long-range student population planning to optimizing bus routes.

Where to find School District Maps

The U.S. Census collects and publishes (via TIGER) school district boundaries that can be used to create school district maps-but this boundary data is only obtained at the state level every 2 years. That means that school district maps produced from the TIGER data may be as much as 3 years old. To compound the issue, TIGER school boundary data often represents generalized boundaries, which may be fine for applications like Title 1 funding, but not for displaying individual homes in relation to school districts on school district maps.

Maponics School Boundaries TM GIS data contains school district boundaries and school attendance zones sourced directly from local school officials and updated regularly-so you know that school district maps produced and displayed from this data are the most accurate and up-to-date possible.