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The Cowboys vs. Giants game starts in a couple hours, and you’ve got season tickets. Problem is, you can’t find a parking space at Cowboys Stadium.

As you creep down the rows, your smartphone beeps in a notification for a free space. You rush over and park your truck in plenty of time to enjoy an hour of tailgating.

Sound nice? With Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries, real-time, relevant messaging is now a reality.

Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries are ready-to-map geofences that include 5,000 different geographic locations in the US, Canada and Europe. These boundaries are focused on places where people play or vacation, allowing marketers to tap in to consumers’ passions for sports, music, travel and more.

How to Use Destination & Venue Boundaries

The power of Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries lies in leveraging the characteristics of large groups of people who are gathered to play.

Important facts about these groups:

  • They are a captive audience full of folks who are expecting to spend money on food/drinks, merchandise and trinkets. This makes them a natural population for location-based marketing.
  • They are at their destination by choice – they’ve actively decided to attend. When integrated with local search, our D&V Boundaries enable users to learn all they need to know when planning a trip to a large destination.
  • They want to share their experiences with friends and family. Social gaming apps can use geofences to improve check-ins and other social networking features.
  • They’re fact finders about the destination. Within the real estate sector, the proximity of arenas, airports and golf courses affect numerous factors, from property valuation, traffic, and walkability to the neighborhood vibe. Home buyers, lenders and appraisers need to know all they can about the precise boundaries around destinations and venues.

Types of Destination & Venue Boundaries

Maponics Destination & Venue Boundaries include 5,000 locations across the US, Canada and Europe.

Key Features

  • Predefined geofences boundaries are more precise and therefore more valuable than a point with a radius. They include the entire facility as well as any associated parking areas.
  • 5,000 of the most popular locations with ready-to-map geographic boundaries for the US, Canada and Europe.
  • Feature-specific attribute tables are included in these boundaries.
  • Licensing available for periods of 1 to 3 years.
  • Quarterly updates with additional feature types.

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