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ZIP Code Boundaries

Maponics ZIP Code API

Maponics offers a ZIP Code API through the Maponics Spatial API web site, which enables web developers to quickly access and integrate a full range of geographic data and attributes within the ZIP Code Boundaries dataset. 

ZIP Codes continue to be ubiquitous when it comes to identifying locations across the United States.  Whether you are looking to simply correlate search results to a users' location or drive foot traffic among opt-in users within the same ZIP Code geofence as your retail locations, use the ZIP Code Boundaries from Maponics as a current and comprehensive data source.  With complete nationwide coverage and fields such as 5-digit ZIP Code, postal town name, centroids, polygons, country and state, you'll have numerous options to ensure that users always get relevant results.

ZIP Code API Methods

The Maponics API server offers a variety of method types to access the ZIP Code API, including those that return:

  • ID of a single spatial object
  • List of IDs for multiple spatial objects
  • Attributes of a spatial object
  • geographic coordinates of a spatial object

For a full and detailed list of public methods, click here.

How to Sign Up

Interested in learning more about the data available via the Maponics ZIP Code API? Request a free trial, email, or call 800.762.5158.