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ZIP Code Boundaries

Real Estate

When customers want to narrow their property hunt online, searching by ZIP Code is often the preferred method. ZIP Code GIS Data gets buyers to the right area fast. When combined with Neighborhood Boundaries, property searches become even more relevant.  Here are some specific customer use cases that illustrate just how Maponics data can improve products and services.

 "The biggest challenge in creating our search platform was to accurately place almost 1 million properties within their respective cities, neighborhoods and ZIP Codes. Maponics provided us with the necessary data to accomplish this. Utilizing their nationwide shapefiles, we were able to greatly improve our search and mapping functionality. Our lead conversions Logotripled, thus generating a very positive ROI."

- Matt Pluznick, VP of Strategic Marketing for, the largest online marketplace for condo and apartment purchasing and rental, clearly understands the importance of enabling search by ZIP Code and neighborhood for their Web site visitors. Maponics ZIP Code and Neighborhood data enables users on to not only search by these areas but also to drill down within search results and to view discrete boundaries. Logo

 Redfin, the Real Estate industry's first online brokerage for buying and selling homes has completed more than $2 billion in home sales by providing its customers with better data so they can make better choices.  Redfin integrates Maponics Neighborhood and ZIP Code data to set the standard for empowering its online customers to do smarter searches in the geographies they want and find the property of their dreams.

Zillow zip code search


Zillow logo For Zillow, the bottom line is that consumers should always be in the driver's seat and have as much information as possible when researching and making decisions around the home.' Maponics ZIP Code Boundaries™ helps Zillow be a leading online real estate marketplace by facilitating focused web home searches by ZIP Code which puts greater context in the results.


Zillow zip code search


Direct Marketing

Companies that want to deliver ads to people in the right areas rely on ZIP Code data to match advertisers with prospective customers.  5-digit ZIP Codes and ZIP+4 data gives marketers the precision they need to target marketing programs at their most promising prospects. Customers include:,, and AccuZIP Inc. 

AccuZIP Logo"With the integration of the Maponics ZIP+4 Database, the results are incredibly reliable and precise, arming our customers with the ability to accurately target their marketing efforts using our integrated radius and donut-radius select capabilities.  The ZIP+4 match rate to precise Latitude and Longitude coordinate using our CASS Certified® engine with Maponics ZIP+4 Database is simply astounding. "

- Steve Belmonte, President of AccuZIP Inc

AccuZIP Inc. develops the industry standard, data quality, mail list management and postal software product AccuZIP6 5.0.  As a major enhancement to their AccuGeocoder product, they now utilize the Maponics ZIP+4 Database.  This valuable resource enables their customers to add a street-segment level ZIP+4 Centroids data (Latitude/Longitude) including detailed Census Tract and Block Group information to each delivery point coded address in their database.  The street-segment points are generally anywhere from 50 to 200 yards from the actual location, allowing their AccuGeocoder users to easily see the location online using the free Google Maps™, Microsoft® Bing™ Maps, and Yahoo!® Local Maps.

AccuZIP ZIP+4 Image

The AccuGeocoder product also adds important Census Tracts and Block Groups.  Census is a procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population. A Tract is a geographic region defined for the purpose of taking a Census. A Block Group is a geographical unit used by the United States Census Bureau which is between the Census Tract and the Census block. It is the smallest geographical unit for which the Census bureau publishes sample data.

The combination of the CASS Certified AccuZIP6 data quality, mail list management and postal software product and the AccuGeocoder product utilizing the Maponics ZIP+4 Database gives their customers the most accurate street-segment level ZIP+4 Centroids data available.

Local Search and Social Media

Searches conducted by ZIP Code help customers find product and services in their area.

Social Networking

Where are you? Where should you and your friends go out to eat? Social media and entertainment sites connect people and places over the Internet with the help of ZIP Code GIS data.

Customers include: