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ZIP Code Boundaries

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ZIP Code data shows direct marketers where their prospects live, helping them to develop efficient strategies and target campaigns and help web developers add relevance to search capabilities.  ZIP Code Boundaries also allow local search by ZIP Code to display an area on a map with points of interest.  Of course, the more accurate the ZIP Code data, the better the marketing and search results.

Are you using old ZIP Code data?  How much are inaccuracies costing your business?  Maponics has the most accurate ZIP Code GIS data available, and the US Postal Service refers its business customers looking for postal maps and data to Maponics. Maponics builds ZIP Codes from the individual address up and aligns boundaries with streets to represent on-the-ground reality. And, Maponics keeps ZIP Code data up-to-date with the frequent changes driven by USPS expansions and consolidation. Read our report, Is Your ZIP Code Data Delivering?

It's tempting to cut corners on the complex processing of millions of addresses in the United States, but Maponics never does. Instead, data and GIS experts apply strict methodology to ensure that every 5 digit ZIP Code, along with ZIP+4 Codes, accurately directs business investments.

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Product Offerings (US Nationwide coverage)

  • ZIP Code Boundaries - includes boundaries and centroids
  • ZIP Code Centroids - includes the center points for all ZIP Codes
  • ZIP+4 Centroids - includes center points for ZIP+4 ZIP Codes
  • Neighborhood To ZIP Code Correlation File
  • Postal Carrier Route Boundaries
  • Archived postal boundaries and ZIP+4 Centroids available from as early as year 2008

Give it Context™ New

Add additional value to ZIP Code Boundaries with Context, our new geospatial analytics product. It's the first suite of lifestyle and behavioral analytics perfectly synced with real life geographiesneighborhoods, subdivisions, school attendance zones, ZIP Codes and more.