Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries


Created and updated with extensive data processing that uses monthly data feeds from the US Postal Service, Maponics® Carrier Route Boundaries is a powerful tool for targeting productive mailings and designing efficient distribution. Businesses pair our Carrier Route Boundaries with other key Maponics products, including ZIP Code Boundaries, ZIP+4's, Context® Demographics and Context PRIZM – supplying their direct mail and business campaigns with the data needed to succeed.

Use Cases

Direct Mail - Save Up to 40% in Postage Fees

When mail is pre-sorted by carrier route, it is much cheaper and easier for the USPS to move it through the delivery system. By selecting the right Carrier Route Boundaries, businesses reduce the costs of bulk mailings, which lowers their overall marketing spend.

Notification Mailings Made Easy

Businesses required to mail notifications to surrounding addresses rely on carrier route boundaries. Qualifying for bulk rate discounts and limiting mailings to only required addresses saves money and time.

Discovering Ideal Locations for Additional Markets

Businesses replicate success by using carrier route GIS data, often with Neighborhood Boundaries, to find markets similar to those they already own.

Product Details
  • Coverage: United States
  • Data source: USPS feed
  • Available formats: PostGIS, WKT, MySQL, Shapefile, TAB, KML
  • Update cycle: quarterly and monthly updates available 
Features & Benefits

Boundaries You Can Trust - Maponics does not cut corners. Our strict data creation methodology and multi-step quality control process ensure that polygonal and point carrier routes are captured with precision

Keeps Businesses Updated - Carrier Route Boundaries change every month, which means direct mail campaigns, prospect location, and other efforts can quickly fall out of date. Maponics Carrier Route Boundaries are updated quarterly, making the most of your investment.

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