Maponics International Postal Boundaries


Maponics® International Postal Code Boundaries is an easy-to-use, fit-for-purpose global postal product. With consistent product formats and structures across countries, global businesses using Maponics’ international postal data can be assured that data integration will be user-friendly, no matter where it’s being implemented.

Use Cases


Filtering Online Search Around the World

If your business relies on a worldwide search engine – such as for a travel sites or a social networking application – then updated, accurate postal data is key. With Maponics International Postal Code Boundaries, users can filter their search by a country’s unique postal code, or learn the correct postal code for a destination.


Tracking and Analytics for Mobile Marketing Intelligence

The mobile industry has access to billions of data points about their users’ behavior. Assigning postal boundary data to that behavior – understanding, for example, where a user cashed in a coupon in relation to his daily travels – enables mobile marketers to hone their messaging and keep their campaigns cost-efficient.

Product Details



  • Coverage: In addition to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, the product covers 39 countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia
  • Data source: TomTom’s MultiNet database
  • Availability: PostGIS, MySQL, Shapefile, WKT
  • Update cycle: quarterly
Features & Benefits


Maponics is the postal data expert – The USPS refers customers looking for postal data to Maponics because of our proven expertise in this area. Businesses seeking Canadian postal data get accurate boundaries from Maponics that integrate perfectly with our suite of postal datasets, including ZIP Code Boundaries, Carrier Route Boundaries, and International Postal Code Boundaries.


Partnered with TomTom – Maponics distilled the global boundaries, administrative names, and postal codes from five TomTom MultiNet data files and packaged it in one simplified, consistent product.


Cost-effective postal data – Our global postal product eliminates the need to purchase the entire MultiNet dataset. Maponics International Postal Code Boundaries gives you vital information for a small fraction of the cost of licensing MultiNet.


Language support – We include both English and native languages for administrative names – for example, both Rome and Roma – increasing usefulness for numerous applications.

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