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Custom Boundary Creation

Custom Boundaries

Defining, building and displaying custom geographic areas (i.e. polygons or geofences) is a powerful way to visualize everything from your existing service regions to new market opportunities. Maponics has nearly 10 years of experience sourcing, creating, and maintaining map databases - covering areas across the globe - which can be used on their own or as a layer in broader mapping applications. We can build areas that are meaningful for your organization and integrate them with your point and demographic data to provide a comprehensive spatial view. These areas can also be synced with lifestyle and behavioral analytics with our new geospatial analytics product, Context™.

Examples of how we've helped other customers:

  • We've created custom map boundary datasets for water features, military bases, telecom boundaries, and other industry-specific polygons representing real-world areas to help our customers with marketing, logistics, and legal issues.
  • Maponics has a long history of creating sales territory boundaries for national franchises and Fortune 500 companies.  Working with each organization, we learn what the criteria are for each region and build a national or regional footprint so that custom boundaries are optimized for each customer.
  • Creation of custom ZIP+2 polygons for organizations that have extensive legacy systems relying on ZIP+4 level data, and who realize that ZIP+4 level mapping doesn't lend itself to polygonal representation (hence the need for ZIP+2 polygons).
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