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Online Spatial Services

Thanks to services like Google Maps, consumers and employees have come to expect a real-time, interactive view of spatial data.  With the Maponics Spatial API TM, we can create custom services available over the Web that offer ways to view your data geographically and in real timeeven as it changes.

 Examples of how we've helped other customers:  

  • Some customers don't need to digest the robust polygonal databases Maponics licenses, but they have top-notch web programmers who can tie into the Maponics Spatial API and rely on Maponics' servers to host and process the data.  Whether it's adding a neighborhood search option or showing demographics by school attendance zones, there are numerous API methods to enable quick and straightforward integration.
  • Setting up neighborhood tagging for a custom bi-monthly feed of nationwide restaurants, including new restaurants as they are added; our client simply sends their latest registrant database to our server via an API call and they receive back the neighborhood name (and city, state) for each.
  • Real-time ZIP Code validation for registrants in a social networking contest.
  • Call us for more examples +1.800.762.5158.