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Point Geotagging/Point-In-Poly Services

Determining where a set of points are in relation to defined geographic areaswhether custom boundaries or from one of the Maponics GIS datasetscan provide a powerful way to aggregate, filter and display locations in lists and map applications.  Clients simply provide a list of addresses or similar point datawith or without geographic coordinatesand we provide the areas they fall within.  We can cross-reference points to any of our GIS datasets, public data (such as Census boundaries), or custom boundaries.

Examples of how we've helped other customers:

  • Analyzing field-collected locations, like parking garage entrances and exits, and appending the neighborhood name for each GPS-collected point.
  • Geotagging our customer's in-house list of new customers with which sales territory they fall in.
  • Helping to screen out "bad" leads that fall outside of specific city limits.
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