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Spatial Data Processing and Maintenance

Getting a spatial view into customers, distributors, partners, and competitor data is one of the best ways to gain insight and drive good business decisions.  Many businesses recognize this fact but lack the expertise and systems to conduct spatial analysis.  And generating this kind of visibility often requires that huge datasets be normalized and correlated so that they can be presented in maps and GIS applications.    

Do you already have map data you are maintaining?  Maponics is here to help by handling your ongoing spatial data processing and maintenance requirements.  We can take on everything from data sourcing and updates for adds/edits/deletes, to data delivery and fulfillment.  We work with large, complex spatial databases everyday and bring year of experience along with a set of technologies and tools to the table.

Examples of how we've helped other customers: 

  • Chaining, thinning, and reclassifying highway line data for fast web draw and custom analytics for our customer's application.  Our customer had tried to do it themselves, but realized it wasn't part of their core competence.  This work is done regularly as their coverage, and the highway network itself, evolves.
  • Maponics maintains sales territory boundaries for major organizations.
  • Buffer zone polygons were created around pipeline areas and correlated with intersecting carrier route polygons so that an energy company could quickly and cheaply notify local residents of upcoming maintenance.
  • Call us for more examples +1.800.762.5158.