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Direct Marketing

Direct mail persists as a key method to target a particular audience or set of prospects. We have been helping all types of companies generate cost effective direct mail campaigns for years. Customers like Lowes and Winn-Dixie, use our ZIP Code and Carrier Route Boundaries to micro-target mailings, improving response rates and reducing costs. In fact, the US Postal Service refers companies looking for ZIP Code maps directly to us.

Direct Marketing firms, such as InfoUSA and MeslissaData, recognize that accurately slicing and dicing mailing lists for their customers by current ZIP Code Boundaries and Neighborhood Boundaries gives their customers a more options to analyze demographics and target marketing efforts.

And now, with our new geospatial analytics product, Context™, customers get revolutionary insight into local character by syncing lifestyle and behavioral analytics to our GIS data products or customized polygons. This enables marketers to further target their messaging, by focusing on very specific geographical areas and customers.