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The idea of geofences and geofencing has been around for a couple of years, but there has recently been a confluence of factors that open up a world of possibilities for this data and technology. Specifically, the popularity of mobile device applications, such as social networking and local search, continued advances in mobile location-based services (LBS) and the latest enhancements to Smartphone that allow them to more efficiently run background services.  

The idea is simple and not really newgeofences are simply virtual geographic perimeters (i.e. polygons) that represent a predefined area (like a neighborhood) or a radius around a point of interest. And geofencing is the process whereby notifications are sent to users or their network of friends when they cross geofences based on preferences users set in geofencing-enabled mobile apps.

Maponics GIS data products can be used directly as geofences across numerous industries and applications. As local places with cultural and social significance, neighborhoods are a natural fit to be used as geofences for social networking and local search applications. School Boundaries, especially school attendance zones, can also act as geofences, particularly meaningful when house hunting via mobile real estate apps. Additional location databases that offer virtual boundaries include our Shopping Boundaries, College Campus Boundaries and Destination & Venue Boundaries. Read more about use cases on our Industry Solutions pages for Real Estate and Social Networking and Mobile as well as on our blog.