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GIS Data for Real Estate

As the mantra in real estate goes, location, location, location—and the best way to show a properties location in the world of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones is through search and display in relationship to key geographic areas, like neighborhoods and school attendance zones.

There are many important factors that consumers take into account when evaluating a property location.  The more of these factors that can be included in your advanced real estate search and display, the more useful and successful the site and/or mobile app.  Many top real estate search sites use Maponics GIS data products to power advanced search options for everyone from agents to consumers.House Real Estate

Visit our blog for a detailed use case involving house hunting and geofencing based on neighborhood boundaries and school attendance zones.     

Maponics is a leader in providing key GIS data layers to the real estate industry. We offer a variety of products and services to.  All Maponics products can be integrated with one another. 

Neighborhood Boundaries

Neighborhoods are the most important geography to your users. Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries™ will add social and cultural context to real estate search.

School Boundaries

Schools have a profound influence on people's lives and guide important choices like home and business location.  Maponics School Boundaries™ allow companies to display property listings, businesses, and points of interest in relation to schools, school districts, and school attendance zone

Subdivision Boundaries

Subdivision Boundaries are the newest addition to Maponics leading products for the real estate industry. 

ZIP Code Boundaries

Where neighborhood boundaries can be key for people searching for new homes in large metros,  ZIP Codes become more significant in the less densely populated areas of the United States.

College Campus Boundaries

Student housing is an important segment within the residential real estate market.  With definitive boundaries defining the extent of main campus areas, student housing can be presented on maps with clear and accurate indication of "˜on' versus "˜off' campus status.

Additional GIS Map Data and Custom Services

Accurate city boundaries, regional definitions, niche map layers for small area analysis, custom areas, and more are all central to Maponics' business model: providing the real estate industry with the map data for the best search and display options.