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Other Industries

In addition to the hundreds of Real Estate, Search/Local Search, Direct Marketing Social Networking and Mobile App customers, we've helped dozens of other industries enhance their mapping capabilities or improve their products and services with our GIS data products and custom services.

Here are a few examples of how organizations leverage our products and services to offer better, more relevant solutions to their customers and constituents.


The Department of Social and Health Services at the State of Washington uses Maponics ZIP Code Boundaries to analyze state health data and improve services and outcomes for citizens.

Retail Franchise

Preventure offers organizations a comprehensive corporate wellness program to improve morale and lower health care costs.  To effectively sell their services, they needed a way to systematically demonstrate that their affiliated fitness centers were conveniently located near their prospects locationssometimes across the US.  They turned to us to provide sales tools in the form of statistical and map-based analysis of the distance between employees' homes and affiliated fitness centers.  With our nationwide ZIP Code Boundaries dataset, we were able to provide custom analysis for any of Preventure's prospective clients.