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Real Estate

Location, location, location—as the age-old mantra in real estate goes, creating a new challenge for your business in the digital age: How are you able to show location and relevancy? Maponics has been leading the market—offering key geographic data and analytics to the real estate industry—powering advanced search options for everyone from agents to consumers.

There are many important factors that consumers take into account when evaluating a property location. The more of these factors that can be included in advanced real estate search options, the more useful and popular the site.

Many top real estate search sites use our comprehensive GIS data products, including, School BoundariesNeighborhood Boundaries, Subdivision BoundariesZIP Code BoundariesParcel Boundaries and Canadian FSA Boundaries to enable more search parameters and display properties in relationship to key geographic areas, like neighborhoods and school attendance zones. And now, with our new geospatial analytics product, Context™, customers get revolutionary insight into local character by syncing lifestyle and behavioral analytics to our GIS data products or customized polygons.

Many top real estate sites offer consumers mobile applications, improving customer loyalty and satisfaction and increasing page views for advertising. In addition to using neighborhood and school boundaries to enhance search and display in mobile apps, some are looking to leverage them as geofences (virtual map boundaries) to offer users the ability to generate alerts when they enter or exit areas defined by important boundaries, such as choice neighborhoods or school attendance zones.  Visit our blog for a detailed use case involving house hunting and geofencing based on neighborhood boundaries and school attendance zones.