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SoLoMoCo is the intersection of Social, Local, Mobile, and Commerce and is no longer an emerging market. More and more companies want to locate, reach and interact with consumers on-the-go.

Maponics provides geofences and analytics that companies use for micro-targeting, tracking and interacting with consumers, using information and advertising relevant to where they are and what they are doing NOW.

Our predefined geofences (Destination & Venues, Shopping, College Campuses) and other GIS data boundaries (Neighborhoods and custom polygons) enable companies to touch customers when and where it matters most (geoadvertising). Our new geospatial analytics product, Context™, helps companies to further target messaging, by focusing on very specific geographic areas and customers. With Context™, you get revolutionary insight into the local character of a boundary by syncing it with lifestyle and behavioral analytics. This gives you the most direct and relevant link to your customers.


Maponics polygons are revolutionizing mobile advertising and messaging and allow for precision marketing to a very specific audience. Our geofences are location databases that offer virtual boundaries that surround specific event, shopping or college locations and include anything that are officially a part of that destination, such as parking lots.

Geofences are incredibly effective for location-based advertising, messaging and promotions. It allows a marketer to target a specific audience within a specific location, like hungry visitors at a football game or theme park or tourists in a local shopping district. These boundaries, coupled with our analytics, allow marketers to send out relevant, time-sensitive information like short-term promotions or special event alerts.

Social Networking

When Twitter introduced their Tweet location feature, they turned to Maponics to supply the neighborhood place information to enable users the choice of geo-tagging their location at the neighborhood level. Our Neighborhood Boundaries product, with coverage across 6 continents, allowed Twitter to make Tweets more relevant to social networking users without exposing a specific address. Read more.

Mobile Apps 

When Urban Airship, a leading provider of push messaging to mobile devices, wanted to deploy their Location Messaging Service, they licensed our GIS map data along with U.S. and Canadian Census data, to expand the wealth of geographic data available in its solution. Using Maponics data, this solution integrates the most globally-deployed push messaging service with sophisticated segmentation and real-world geofences to deliver precisely targeted push notifications that drive greater response and engagement. This service enables marketers and brands to bring much greater precision to geofencing and location-targeted notifications.

The key factor in many mobile applications is location. There are now thousands of apps leveraging sophisticated location-based services, including geofencing. Maponics can help companies looking to add features to their mobile apps by providing predefined geofences in the form of GIS data boundaries and local analytics.